I fell for Jesus

There was a time when I was empty
You came to me and gave me peace
I struggled myself with higher hopes
I lost my peace...for that I fell.

I found myself and so, many others
We tried to think what makes you happy
And built You places from a lower-ground
We saw your unhappiness
And then, again,...I fell.

You had the gift to find me again
I followed You like a disciple
You made miracles everywhere
But soon enough I had to betray you
And so, again,...I fell.

Nowadays when I was reborn
In the very first day I fell
My doctor said: you are falling deep.
I said: Falling to Him...in His hands
I know that my mistakes are over
Because I found You
So, this time, if I fall..
I will fall.......to You, My Lord
For.....I LOVE YOU.

Nina Simone :)